New line of grain-free cat food with fresh meat

We gladly present you our new Fitmin Purity line of super-premium cat food containing high-quality fresh meat. The formula is also enriched with fruit, vegetables and medicinal herbs. The new Fitmin line comes in eight types covering your cat’s life, from kitten to senior. Customers can also choose according to their type of cat or the food flavour. Fitmin Purity will be available at selected retailers in November 2016.

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The main benefit of Fitmin Purity is its formula containing high-quality fresh meat without bones. ‘People realise that cats, despite being domesticated animals, are still carnivorous hunters. This is also one of the reasons the main ingredient of Fitmin Purity is various types of high-quality fresh meat that does not undergo any intermediate stage of processing such as drying or grinding. This distinguishes the Fitmin brand from the competition,’ explains Fitmin nutritionist Adéla Palacká, adding: ‘We add fresh meat directly to the mixture in the extrusion process, not merely as dried meat and bone meal’. Fish, beef, turkey, chicken, game, lamb and rabbit is always represented in the given food type with respect to the needs of the specific category of individuals.


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Herbs and fruit that help cats

In addition to the high share of animal ingredients, the cat food also contains a number of other ingredients that support the health of your cat. Prebiotics, a balanced ratio of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and herbs such as linden, chamomile, nettle, dandelion and lemon balm help maintain proper animal vitality. Other important ingredients include different kinds of fruits and vegetables - such as goji, which boosts the immune system, black currant, which slows aging, blueberries for improved vision and cranberries for their known antibacterial effects.


Grain-free to prevent allergies


The Fitmin Purity formula is based on peas and potatoes and hence contains no grains that could be potential allergens. These raw materials also reduce the glycemic index of the food, thereby reducing the risk of obesity. ‘All ingredients have been carefully selected and combined in the individual products to ensure that Fitmin Purity promotes a full and happy life for you cat. Moreover, the granules are not produced from genetically modified ingredients,’ adds Petr Křivohlávek, director of Fitmin brand.



Fitmin Purity types

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Kitten for kittens up to the age of 12 months and for pregnant and nursing cats.

Hairball for long-hair cats.

Castrate for spayed and neutered cats.

Indoor for indoor cats.

Delicious for picky and finicky cats.

Dental for cats with dental problems.

Senior for cats over the age of 8.

Urinary for cats with urinary tract problems.