FITMIN For Life cat food wins 2017 Consumer Choice award

The Czech Fitmin brand won the prestigious award in the independent 2017 Consumer Choice program that monitors, evaluates and promotes new and innovative products or product lines on the FMCG Czech market. Fitmin For Life took home top honours in the Cat Food category. 

 FFL cat




‘This award is especially gratifying because it is based on the opinions of consumers who have direct experience with the product. We are delighted that people value our honest work and chose Fitmin For Life as the product of the year’, said Petr Křivohlávek, general director of Dibaq a. s., the manufacturer of the Fitmin brand.

The Fitmin For Life line of cat foods is unique in its composition based on fresh meat, which not only guarantees excellent flavour, but also the high quality of the final product. Cats are able to utilise animal proteins better than plant proteins, and above all the meat is an essential source of protein and contains all important amino acids necessary for the proper function and growth of the cat’s body. That is why the highest possible share of meat in the food is best for your pet - Fitmin For Life has 86-89% of protein of animal origin. Fitmin for Life cat food contains no genetically modified ingredients, artificial colourings or flavourings. Instead, the food provides comprehensive dental care that prevents the accumulation of plaque and the formation of tartar. The food also contains a prebiotic, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in the form of chelates and yucca extract, which helps reduce the odour of feces and urine.

The Fitmin For Life recipe is based on rice and contains no wheat or corn gluten. Wheat is one of the most commonly identified sources of food allergies, and by eliminating it from the recipe, we have significantly reduced the risk of allergic reactions. Moreover, rice is highly nutritious and contains complex carbohydrates, which means slower digestion, allowing the animal to use the released energy over a much longer period of time. 

Fitmin offers fives types of this cat food; these are intended for cats of different ages and needs, covering their entire life from kittens to senior cats. Customers can choose from the following types: