Fitmin Snax - Super Premium Dog Treat

We present you our new line of dog treats - Fitmin Snax. A treat made with respect.

Fitmin Snax 2

Fitmin has prepared a variety of dog treats produced in the Czech Republic, only from fresh meat and easily digestible extruded rice. You will find no artificial colourants, preservatives or substitutes in Fitmin Snax.


A Fitmin team of nutrition specialists led by a professional chef Michal Daněk has developed treats with an excellent and balanced composition which are not only tasty but also beneficial to dogs. Michal Daněk has been devoted to gastronomy for many years; he is also a dog lover, and therefore he decided to pamper not only human tastes. After a careful selection of ingredients, many trial productions and in particular palatability tests performed on a wide range of dogs, he and his development team learned that just the right thing can come into existence if one uses good-quality ingredients, time-proven processing technology and honest work!

Dogs do not need flavour agents and unnecessary additives of an origin which it is difficult to identify. They want substantial ingredients!

kosti upr

Only meat and rice

Dogs will not be fooled by advertisements. They have no need for added ingredients which sound good and are completely useless. Dogs do not care about the packaging. Dogs are governed by instinct! In Fitmin Snax, your dog will get everything it needs, and the owner knows what they feed to their dog. At the end of this process, there is a clear composition and a happy dog.

Fitmin Snax is a single-protein, hypoallergenic treat intended for occasional feeding as a reward. It is produced in a natural way - by drying with an emphasis on the quality of ingredients.

“In the development, I respected the main attributes of the Fitmin brand. A brand which has been built on the solid foundation of common sense, love of animals and honesty. Fitmin Snax is a proof of that. It is a dog treat produced with respect to the animal.”

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● 100% natural

● Hypoallergenic

● High-quality meat

● Extruded easily digestible rice

NO colourants or flavours

NO preservatives or artificial agents

NO wheat