The Fitmin story

The history of the Fitmin brand goes back to the 1990s, when the Poplužní dvůr farm estate in Helvíkovice near Žamberk was returned by restitution to the Štěpánek family, the company's founders. The Štěpáneks, farmers for generations, returned to their devastated estate after the fall of the previous regime and began to build the family business once again from the ground up. They began by raising livestock, and then started to produce feed mixes for their own animals; they also sold their products to a small circle of acquaintances.

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Gradually, they built a plant for the production of food for livestock and established stables; since 1998, they have produced food for dogs, and since 2008 also for cats. Over time the company, with the original name Fitmin, became part of the Dibaq multinational group and took over its name; Fitmin has become the product brand name.

More than 21 years have passed since the establishment of the Fitmin brand and a lot has changed; nevertheless, the fundamental value of the family business – an honest approach to work – has remained unchanged. The entire company has carried on the spirit of the original founders, whose livestock raising and farming traditions always had deep roots in Helvíkovice.


What is different about Fitmin? Really fresh meat
Although the company is not a large-scale producer and has maintained the status of a 'family business', our facility is equipped with the latest technology, enabling us to produce high-quality products. Fitmin is the only Czech brand and one of the few brands in Europe which bases its granules for pets on fresh meat with an original moisture content of 70%.

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Moreover, we use machine-deboned meat of high quality, which is also used in the food-processing industry. This brings you Fitmin granules with excellent flavour, appreciated even by the most fussy dogs. Therefore, Fitmin is popular with customers not only in the Czech Republic but also in numerous other countries in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, as well as Vietnam, for example.


A commitment to quality
Fitmin food products are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance system, and since 2012 have been certified with the IFS – International Food Standard, one of the most important and most widely recognised certificates in the food-processing industry. The company also employs the HACCP system and is under continuous supervision by the control authorities of the Czech Republic and the EU. Dibaq is one of the few companies in the sector using renewable energy sources in the production of foods.

Watch the video about production of Fitmin:

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The family silver
The company's 'family silver' is the Fitmin brand, which includes a portfolio of foods, nutrition programmes, nutritional supplements and treats for dogs, cats and horses. The Fitmin nutrition products always respect the requirements of the particular animal – the company's nutrition experts work with top breeders, consult them on the latest trends and are constantly looking for new solutions to make the Fitmin products balanced and fully compliant with the needs of the animals.

Fitmin is also the name of the breeding station that specialises in the breeding of the Border Collie, whose tradition dates back to 2002. Although the station was established to test the palatability of dog food, the dogs live a full life and have enjoyed great success at dog shows and sports competitions. They are also involved in the traditional activity of this breed – sheep herding – and are also used in canine therapy. Their health and fitness are the best reference for the Fitmin brand. The company's foods are also praised by leading European and world breeders who use the Fitmin products.