Benefits of the Purity line

The purpose of this innovation is to improve the formulas based on our long-term expertise, technological advances and current trends while keeping what works well.


What is the innovation about?

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In the development, we focused on food from the perspective of the cat as a carnivorous animal, to which animal products and especially meat, are a natural source of food,. That is why we included fresh meat in our formulas, as fresh meat not only improves the taste but also provides necessary nutrients.

In addition to a high content of animal ingredients, the food offers a multitude of other benefits for the health of your cats (a dental care complex, prebiotics, a balanced proportion of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, etc., etc.). All ingredients have been carefully selected and combined to ensure the Purity Holistic Cat Food line helps maintain a full and happy life of the cat.

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Why Purity?
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Fresh boneless meat guarantees great taste and, most importantly, the high quality of our products. It is the final input ingredient that does not pass through any intermediate stage of production (such as cooking, drying, grinding and sterilisation at an elevated pressure and temperature), as is the case with the production of meat and bone meal, for example. And precisely because Fitmin strives to produce a tasty as well as high-quality food, we use unique technologies that allow us to add varieties of fresh meat (chicken, venison, beef, fish, etc.) into the granules.



Because our grain free formula is based on peas and potatoes, it contains no cereals that may be allergens (e.g. wheat gluten and corn gluten). In addition, by reducing the food glycemic index, these ingredients help prevent obesity, one of the most common modern diseases, which is becoming a serious problem also for animals.


Herbs Vitality Complex is a harmoniously balanced mixture of herbs to help digestion and the detoxification of the entire body, thus supporting the overall vitality of the cat’s body. Our food makes use of the beneficial effects of chamomile, nettle, dandelion, melissa, and linden

Animal proteins constitute a more efficient source of protein indispensable for a high-quality life, compared to plant-based proteins. They contain all the essential amino acids necessary for the proper functioning and development of the body, and therefore their proportion in the food should be as high as possible.

When you make products with love, the work is worth it.


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