Fresh meat in granules

Our food is produced using high-quality fresh meat. The Purity line contains various types of fresh meat chosen to meet the specific needs of cats.


Types of meat used: fish, beef, turkey, chicken, venison, lamb, rabbit, pork

skupina masa 2

Fresh meat is added directly to the mixture as part of the extrusion process rather than in the form of a pre-dried ingredient (meat and bone/bone meal), which may be the case with competing products.

Fresh meat is mixed in a preconditioner with the dry mixture and steamed for optimum consistence, and then the mixture goes into an extruder where it is exposed to a high pressure and temperature of about 130°C for a few seconds. This mixture then passes a matrix, which gives the granules their shape.

Please note that the nutrients in our product are not destroyed by the high temperature because the degeneration of proteins occurs at 150°C.


WHY is fresh meat good?

  • It guarantees excellent taste of granules.
  • Nutrients maintain their high quality and are not destroyed by high temperatures as is the case when meat is first ground into meal and then processed into granules 
  • Fresh meat is a more natural food for the cat than cooked meat

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