The Purity Holistic Cat Food makes use of the beneficial effects of fruit to add variety to the food, for the natural sources of minerals and vitamins, and last but not least because of the positive effects that natural ingredients have on animals.
• kustovnice2Goji- thanks to the content of vitamins and trace elements, it has a positive effect on stamina and immunity. It improves eyesight, blood formation and skin condition.

cerny rybiz Black currant - an ingredient rich in vitamins and minerals.  It slows down the aging process, strengthens the immune system, and has a positive effect on the elasticity of blood vessels.

borůvka• Blueberries - improve the quality of eyesight, the elasticity and strength of blood vessel walls.  They have disinfecting qualities, thanks to which they have positive effects on inflammatory diseases in the digestive or urinary system.
brusinky• Cranberries - are significant due to their antibacterial properties, and effective against infections of the urinary tract and intestines.