Grain free

The formula is based on pea and potato - it contains no cereals and so it reduces the risk of allergic reactions (e.g. to wheat gluten and corn gluten). The ingredients also help prevent obesity and diabetes by reducing the food glycemic index, i.e. the intake of saccharides

Major allergens include wheat gluten (sources: wheat and its derivatives: wheat flour, wheat germs, etc.) – by completely removing wheat ingredients from the Fitmin formula, we significantly reduced the risk of allergic reactions

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• Peas – contain fibre that supports digestion. It is also a source of protein while containing a lower amount of minerals than, for example, bone/meat and bone meal. This reduces the amount of ash in the food and helps prevent the occurrence of urinary calculi, which may be a common problem especially for cats. Last but not least, peas have a significantly lower glycemic index than the commonly used cereals. Ingredients with a high glycemic index are digested and absorbed faster, causing a rapid increase and decrease in blood glucose levels. By contrast, ingredients with a low glycemic index allow for a more stable glucose reaction in the bloodstream. Ingredients with a low glycemic index also help reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes.


brambory2• Potatoes– are often regarded by the public as an unsuitable ingredient because of their potentially high content of solanine (in green parts and sprouts). However, this is a misconception because solanine is neutralised by cooking and as such has no impact on food quality. Quite to the contrary, potatoes are a very easily digestible ingredient in food, serve as an excellent source of saccharides delivering immediate energy and do not cause allergies, unlike some cereals. Last but not least, potatoes are a rich source of potassium.



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