Fitmin Faktor


• Increases the utilisation of food
• Contributes to immune system development
• Boosts the function of the digestive system and aids in the regeneration of the intestines
• Contributes to the normal function of the heart, brain and eyes
• Helps regulate the impact of mycotoxins and reduces their absorption
• Naturally rich in nucleotides


How does Fitmin Faktor affect the horse’s health?

Yeast extracts containing highly concentrated essential and functional nutrients enhance the ability to resist various diseases. A high content of nucleotides supports the immune system and improves the digestion of nutrients contained in the food. Nucleotides are the basic building blocks of nucleic acids. DNA and the synthesis of nucleotides are necessary for the normal function of tissues and organs such as the brain, bone marrow and the intestines. Fitmin Faktor is a rich source of such building elements. FF also contains Inositol, a functional nutrient important for proper neural activity. Inositol is a part of a number of biochemical reactions and can act as an anticancer agent. Fitmin Faktor is also a source of another functional nutrient, MOS (mannan-oligosaccharides). Mannan-oligosaccharides improve the condition of the intestines, reduce the growth and activity of intestinal pathogens, and enhance the humoral immunity. FF is a naturally rich source of OMEGA 3 fatty acids, which strengthen the immune system and enhance the health and strength of the vascular system. In particular DHA is essential for the brain development and activity, and influences the visual quality and acuity. FF includes a patented mycotoxin antibody. Mycotoxins are products of fungi contained in the forage or fodder. They contribute to the development of various health problems in horses, including equine colic, neurological disorders, abortions and allergies. Their gradual accumulation adversely affects reproduction and the growth and development of young horses, causes breathing difficulties, and reduces the efficiency of performance of work and racing horses. The efficient absorber protects the horse from the effects of fungi-contaminated food.