We talked to Karolína Kristová on why peak level versatility trials represent the crowning glory of Canine Sports. Karolína Kristová has been devoting herself to Canine Sports for 12 years and over that time has stood on the victory podium on countless occasions. She puts her place at the 2014 WUSV World Championship in France among her most prized trophies.

The beginnings of Canine Sports go right back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In those days, however, this was not about sports, but about the business of utility dog training, applied in practice. Over time, Service Dog Trials gave rise to modern-day Canine Sports. Nevertheless, utility dog training has become a self-standing offshoot. This branch applies to training dogs that serve in the armed forces, the police, army, prison service or customs & excise. Service Dog Trials guide dogs towards a particular focus, to help in specialized work. Some dogs are excellent protectors, others specialize in scent work, etc. When it comes to versatility and emphasis on all-round training, this is still the emphasis in Canine Sports.


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